Lifting Threads

What Lifting Threads Do For You!

Lifting threads are a treatment using thin suture-like threads:

  • To lift sagging, crepe & drooping skin
  • To give the face shape and structure
  • To improve/get rid of jowling


This treatment is most effective for your cheeks, nasolabial folds, jowls & jawline!

Why Lush Loves Lifting Threads!

Lifting threads are the best way to lift and shape your face: This tightens your skin and gets rid of any looseness or sagginess– giving you a refreshing and youthful appearance!

This treatment gives you natural lasting results. Plus, a lifting thread treatment is faster and much less expensive than a facelift. The procedure is actually so quick and simple that it is nicknamed the ‘lunchtime lift.’

How Lifting Threads Work:

Lifting threads are inserted into the desired area. And they have tiny barbs on them, which activate when the threads are pulled. These barbs help lift up and smooth the skin to ultimately straighten out the sagging skin. It’s like pulling the edge of your blankets tight when you’re making your bed in the morning– both are an essential aesthetic! 

Inserting threads in the skin slightly ‘injures’ your body, which sends a signal to your skin to produce more collagen. And more collagen means fresher and smoother skin!

These suture threads are made of collagen and sugars, so they will dissolve over next 4-6 months leaving behind even more collagen. And once again, more collagen will tighten up your loose skin making you look even younger!

You will immediately see some results right after the procedure. But the best and final results will be around month 5. And the treatment lasts 18-24 months!

Lifting Threads Near Me!

Tighten up sagging skin with a lifting thread treatment: With one simple appointment, you can smooth and straighten out creased and loose areas on your face to revive a youthful look!

Lift your skin and raise a glass to celebrate a younger– and more joyful–appearance by getting a lifting thread treatment today!